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Weddings and Babies two of the most important moments in our lives!  We hope we can help you make them a very special memory in your life!



Let us not forget everything in between...you will find special items for those everyday needs that you just can't live without...we hope you enjoy visiting our site.

Please note ... there is only one available of each item on our website

unless otherwise stated. 

At weddingstobabies.com  you will find hand made items HMI, gently used items GUI and new items NI. 

If you like an item that has been sold or if you need more than one of an item, please email   weddingstobabies@gmail.com  to inquire if it can be reproduced.

We love to shop for unique items for our website and are very selective. 

We hope you enjoy visiting our site.

Come back soon as we are new and just adding our products. 

Thank you for stopping by!

If you have questions please email us at : weddingstobabies@gmail.com

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